Here's everything you need to know about ChiChi's adventures in the ChiChiverse.
Oh, and any of these criteria / guidelines can change at any time for any reason, because ChiChi said so.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Tweet at ChiChi and we'll try to answer when we can. Except for your concerns. ChiChi doesn't care for your complaints, ChiChi is too busy having fun.

What is ChiChiverse?

ChiChiverse is an NFT collection by XCHcentral starring ChiChi the Chiahuahua minting on the Chia Blockchain.

How Do I get a ChiChi?

There are three ways to get a ChiChi:

  1. Earn the ChiChi. (has cool gradient border)

  2. Buy one whenever we randomly decide to sell some. (does not have cool gradient border)

  3. Pick one up on the secondary market.

What do you mean, "earn" a ChiChi?

We'll be giving out a ChiChis to Chia community members, well, whenever we feel like it! There is no plan... there is no reasoning... there is only ChiChi.

Example of things that potentially earn you a ChiChi: Making a guide for new Chia Community members to follow, pushing some cool open source code, or maybe even just having an exceptionally funny Tweet! (Note: doing one of these things does not instantly mean you will receive a ChiChi, distribution will be highly arbitrary and highly sporadic)

Honestly, there are no hard and fast criteria for "earning" a ChiChi. The XCHcentral team (and maybe some other members of the community on occasion) are allowed to award as many or as few ChiChis as they want, for whatever reason they want.

Ok, but I can just pay you to mint one, right?

Like, I guess... sometimes? I don't know why you would want to buy one.

You know when you go to a professional sporting event and at half time or in between innings/periods the team has a "spirit squad" come out with those T-shirt launchers and they just blast free shirts into the crowd? That's what ChiChis are. If you would pay for one of those giveaway shirts then yeah... buy a ChiChi.

Purchased ChiChis will be priced "randomly". Not like truly random, but the team will basically just decide how much to offer them for at the time of each release sometimes it could be 1XCH, it could be 0.1XCH... a ChiChi could even be priced at something arbitrary like 28 CATMOS Coin. There are no rules other than the will of ChiChi must be done.

Properties of ChiChis

ChiChi Generation Methodology

Every ChiChi starts with the same base image, then the artist for that particular ChiChi picks colors and draws or generates whatever accessories in whatever style they want. Some of these ChiChis are going to look awesome! And some will look less than awesome. You get what you get.

Earned ChiChi vs Bought ChiChi

Earned ChiChis are wayyyyyy cooler than purchased ChiChis. Earned ChiChis get a cool gradient border.

ChiChi Edition Size

There are no limits to the amount of ChiChis that we can or will produce. Honestly, we're going to produce as many of them for as long or as little time as we want, whenever we want.

ChiChi Utility

Is cute. Andddd that's it. ChiChis are just fun art.

ChiChi Royalty

ChiChis all carry a royalty that comes back to ChiChi's wallet at 2.5%. (Don't even think about complaining... these are "free Tshirts fired from a cannon at random", also - ChiChi's gotta eat somehow, and as a reminder, ChiChi doesn't care about your complaints one bit.

ChiChi License

By now, you should be able to guess this answer... You don't get a commercial license to reproduce ChiChi's images or likeness just by owning a ChiChi NFT. Don't like it? Don't buy one. ChiChi will shed no tears for you.

We're having fun and hope you are too.