Chia Pools | Project Launch

Announcing the Launch of Chia Pool tracking. Check it out at

Chia Pools | Project Launch

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Hello Chia community! I’m proud to announce the launch of

Over the coming weeks/months, we will be looking to build out new features and community tools.

Today we are releasing our our first project that can be found at

Our goal for the project is to provide live pooling results and statistics from our farm placed at several different Chia Pools.

For each pool, XCHcentral maintains a unique NFT with 101 k32 plots totaling ~10.0TiB. Plots for each NFT are divided across several 18TB Seagate Exos HDDs, ensuring that each drive contains some plots for each pool listed.

Every hour XCHcentral gathers statistics about our farm across the different pools via the pool operators APIs as well as utilizing for blockchain data.

Our goal is to be transparent, providing as much identifiable information as possible, while maintaining the security and integrity of the project. We plan to provide the payout addresses for each of our plots once we are out of the initial release and testing period.

XCHcentral aims to maintain an open dialogue with the operators of each pool and hope they will support the transparent and impartial nature of the project.

Moving forward, we will be looking to continue to onboard more pools, with a preference given to pools with a public API.

Please be patient with us regarding new features / changes to the website as we are only a two person team, jm + katie. In the coming week or two, please don’t be surprised if we have a decent amount of maintenance downtime as we consider this our “testing” phase.

Please reach out to us through email, keybase, or twitter. Contact info is listed on our site.

We look forward to hearing feedback from both pool operators and the overall Chia community!