Runtime Rambling #1, 2022-06-20

The current happenings in the Chia Community. XCH number go up. XCHscan is shutting down. Digital Spaceport & Josh buy stuff. Threadripper go Brrrrr

Runtime Rambling #1, 2022-06-20

Yup, this is going to be exactly what it sounds like. Basically one take writing about some current topics around the Chia ecosphere. I'm not calling this a monthly or a weekly, because I have no idea how often I'll post them!

Why are you doing this?

Well, we've been without XCHweekly and The Chia Plot posting their weekly news roundups for some time now. I think those were pretty nice for members of the ecosystem that aren't yet complete Twitter degenerates like some of us. Overall, I'm going to try and cover some topics that I find noteworthy, interesting, or just funny, and that some members of the community may have missed. Not sure how deep we'll go on some of these topics[1] and I might sprinkle in some opinions and jokes as well.[2]

Beyond just providing a "roundup" for the community, posts like these will help me stick to my plan of being a higher volume writer. Sitting down and writing one of the analytical pieces I have planned about something like the Blockchain Valuation Model takes some time to outline, write, and edit.[3]

Now, this type of content is a little quicker to ship. Being quicker to ship does have some drawbacks. I'm pretty unlikely to actually proof read or edit whatever ramblings come out before I hit the 'Publish' button. Expect tpyos and not gud grammar.

Runtime Rambling #1

Ok... I think you understand what I'm doing, so here are the things I found amusing in the past week or so.

XCH number go up.

I don't really feel like I needed to tell anyone this, but number has been going up. And it's been entertaining. Usually people complain "wen number go up" but now the masses have switched to "number go up too fast, I was waiting to buy".


Price increase may or may not be a result of Bram tweeting Good Morning daily now.

XCHscan is shutting down unless they can find a buyer

This sucks. I like XCHscan. We used their API when we launched our pool monitoring project to get it off the ground. Hopefully they can find a suitable buyer who will continue to operate the explorer.

PS. While the UI might not be as clean is pretty reliable and has an active dev team behind, rolling out new features every week. Definitely check them out if you haven't already.

Digital Spaceport and Josh buy way too much hardware

Like seriously... check out their wrapup content. If you're in the market for a JBOD or a RAM plotter (or like 50 Tesla K40 GPUs) you can probably get a pretty good deal from them.

JM tests plotting on a Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5995WX vs 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6338 CPU

No, not me. The other JM[4], JM Hands that works as the VP of Storage for Chia Network. I currently only fantasize about getting to work on Chia full time, but I digress.

Just watch the video if you want to see big numbers comparing bleeding edge hardware pushing the limits of how fast you can make a Chia plot.

Countdown to NFT1 standard release

Longtime community member Leafy_k has been counting down (well, up) daily to the release of the NFT1 standard... and is out of memes. Chia Network, please help him by releasing the standard soon. In the meantime, Chia Community, send the man some memes.

Last Thoughts

Yeah... so that's about it for now. If you think there's anything cool that I missed recently. Tweet at me!

We're having fun and hope you are too.[5]

If you feel like supporting our projects & writing like this, donations of XCH / CATs can be sent to: xch1dwm59nranz0khzfzmv0j9g4tpwe4fx7ven0ptr9hufs2c0kgesxq8r7mws

  1. If a topic is somewhat important or I find myself writing "too much" about it here, it'll probably end up getting a follow-up standalone post ↩︎

  2. Who am I trying to fool... of course there will be opinions and jokes. But I'll probably try to keep the jokes mostly to footnotes. Why footnotes? Well, some people are boring and just want to quickly read the actual content and are unlikely to find these antics humorous. By keeping all of this fun stuff buried in the footnotes, we can get the best of both worlds. I get to have fun with my terrible jokes, but the boring people don't have to suffer through them. ↩︎

  3. Beyond that... I'm not always in the right mindset or 'mood' to work on some of that content. You know that feeling. You come home from work, walk the dog, make some dinner, spend some amount of time with your family, and now it's starting to get late in the evening and you want to work on something, but don't really want to work on that thing. ↩︎

  4. Or am I the other JM? — Don't worry, there's more than enough room for two JMs providing quality content in the community. Now, if some 3rd JM pops up, we can all agree that's likely too many JMs and we'll have to play a game of Jenga using 18TB HDDs, with the loser foregoing rights to the name within the confines of the Chia community ↩︎

  5. I can't remember when I started signing off posts like this... but it's sorta a thing now. And honestly, I kinda like it. It's a good reminder that this is a hobby, and it should be fun. It really is why I'm doing this. It's fun. There are no ads (for now, and maybe forever, I really hate the aesthetic of flashing banner ads) and no other way we monetize this content beyond the 100% optional donations address (which, no one ever donates to lol)... but hopefully people will buy Katie & Parker's art when we start minting Green Horizon NFTs ↩︎