Chia Pools | Project Update 2021-11-12

Our first update on the new features and status of

Chia Pools | Project Update 2021-11-12

Originally posted to Reddit

Hello Chia Community!! I’m finally delivering on my overdue wayyyyy too long Reddit post updating you on what we’ve been up to at and where we see our project going.

What we’ve been up to -

  • Katie has spent a lot of time refactoring our code, which should make it easier to add new pools going forward. We’re spending a lot of time on this to try and avoid headaches months from now as we look to implement new stats.
  • We added two new pools on 2021-11-06, Foxy Pool & Chiahub
  • Added new stat Avg XCH/24 Hrs (Since Join) - enabling comparison between pools with different Join Dates.

Issues we’re aware of:

  • Spacepool’s API occasionally kicks out errors causing us to miss collecting “unpaid balance” for a few hours at a time. Spacepool is aware of the issue and is working on a fix for us. There is no data integrity impact, just occasional slower than hourly updates. We have since fixed this issue
  • Sometimes a pool will issue payout and clear out our “unpaid balance” before the payout hits our wallet, causing us to underreport for an hour or two. We’ll work on coding around this.

Where we’re going:

Near Term -

  • We’ll likely roll out the Average XCH/24h stat for the following periods last 24h/7day/30day/90day.
  • Sortable table to make it more apparent who’s performing where compared to the group.
  • Some graphs & charts that look more fun than our current one table.
  • Logos for the pools (with permission)
  • More Pools. Tell us who you want to see onboarded!

Medium Term -

  • A blog. I’d like to start bringing the community somewhat regular content and analysis on both our data and what's going on with the greater community. I don’t envision reporting on everything happening every day, I think blaktron @ has that covered… But I do think that we can produce some quality content based on our data and observations. Sometimes Twitter isn’t enough. Speaking of which, you should follow us -

Longer Term -

  • Other useful tools such as a profitability calculator… power consumption… etc etc

It’s likely that our pool reporting is eventually going to introduce a tiered reporting system:

  • “Basic Reporting” - will be what you see on the site right now. How much XCH hits the wallet on average. We can add these stats for any pool, regardless of how robust their API is.
  • “Advanced Reporting” - For the pools that have more advanced APIs and reporting… Things like individual partial reporting, “estimated farm size” etc. This will allow us to do some more advanced calcs that allow us to break down pool performance vs our individual farm’s performance, variance, etc, etc. We’ll likely start piloting some of these calculations behind the scenes “soon” for the pools that already have the level of reporting needed.

Thank you again to the community for all of your support! We’re having a ton of fun.

- jm + katie

Twitter -

Keybase - xchcentral_jm + xchcentral_katie