Chia Pools | One Month Update

We made it. One month of collecting pooling payout data. Check out how our initial 5 pools performed in their first month!

Chia Pools | One Month Update

We made it. One month of our site being live collecting pooling payout data collection.

Thank You

Before we get into the data, I'd like to start off with thanking the people who make this project possible:

Katie - 99.5% of the code that runs has been written by Katie. There is absolutely no way this project would have gone from idea to reality without her.

Our 5 launch day pools:
Space Pool,, XCHPool, PoolChia, and True Pool. Each pool operator has been more than helpful anytime we've had a question, and they've all been very patient and understanding as we've been working out some of our initial bugs. - Thank you for your explorer and API. We love it.

Also, a special thank you to D of Space Pool, who spent a lot of time tracking down a particularly pesky API bug for us... and for not being upset when the error was actually on our end.

Now, on to the data!

Observed Netspace

During our observation period, we observed an average netspace of 34.996 EiB, with a subtle decreasing trend over the month. Bonus points if you can identify the "Dust Storm" on the graph (it's exactly where you think it is).  As a reminder, we're polling once per hour for our netspace data.

Calculating Theoretical Earnings

Now we're on to the fun part... Actually benchmarking the earnings we've received against the theoretical payout amount for our farm size.

Variables used in the calculation of theoretical earnings-
Farm Netspace: 10 TiB
Average Netspace over Period: 34.99635 EiB
Farm % of Average Netspace: 0.000027%
Blocks per day: 4608
Adjusted days farming in Period1: 28.5
Total Adjusted Blocks in Period1: 131,328
Payout to pool on block win: 1.75 XCH

Using the above, we calculated expected theoretical earnings for the month with the following formula:

Theoretical Earnings = Farm % of Avg Netspace * Total Blocks in Period * Payout to Pool on Block Win

Theoretical Earnings for our 10TiB farms = 0.0626285994

1 Block total adjusted for partial first day and farm downtime

Pool Performance to Theoretical

Now that we know what earnings a 10TiB  farm theoretically "should" have returned during the farming period, let's see how the pools performed in comparison.

Overall, I'm a little impressed. None of our pools had too terrible of a month! Both XCHPool and PoolChia performed ~6.8% above theoretical, while Space Pool and Flexpool performed basically at theoretical, with True Pool bringing up the rear.

I can already hear some people saying "woah, why would I ever join True Pool? They underperform!" or "Why doesn't everyone just join XCHPool or PoolChia? Clearly the best pools!!"

The fact of the matter is, none of these results are out of the ordinary given that we're only looking at one month's worth of data and a couple of the pools are on the smaller side.

To better visualize how the payments came in over time, let's check out the line graph of each timestamped hourly check-in on Unpaid + Paid Balance for each pool.

So, the chart above tells a little bit of a different story than the initial table. Each of the pools we've been tracking have been battling for the top spot at any given time, and until 2021-11-11, all pools were tracking above theoretical earnings. In fact, as of 2021-11-2, TruePool was actually the highest paying pool! Hopefully this graph has given a little more context to how quickly earnings can change for any given pool.


  1. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the five pools we've analyzed in this post. Based on the data we have collected, each of these pools are performing within margin of theoretical earnings after the first month.
  2. Just like investing, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Just because a pool has a good/bad week or month, doesn't mean they're going to have a good/bad time going forward.
  3. We have a lot more data, analysis, and commentary to share with the community, and now we actually have a medium to deliver it! Following us on Twitter is currently the best way to keep up with when we launch new content.


If you like the content we're producing, and  you feel like supporting the project financially, you can send donations of XCH to: xch1dwm59nranz0khzfzmv0j9g4tpwe4fx7ven0ptr9hufs2c0kgesxq8r7mws

If you would like to support us with a private donation / sponsorship / advertising, or any other way, please reach out directly. Contact info:

Thank you again to the Chia team, and Chia community. We're having a ton of fun and hope you are too!