CAT Profile | Mojoverse

A brief summary of the Mojoverse gaming token issued by the team behind

CAT Profile | Mojoverse

Short Summary

Ticker - MJV
CATegory - Gaming Token
Asset ID - fdaa539154f63a0cf6afd17887d7ded4e067fe1967ad2304ab163a1ea70984c5
Creator / Parent Project - Mojodice

Mojoverse is a gaming token issued by the team behind The token provides a way to play their current hit Mojodice game for fun, without risking XCH. The team plans to continue to develop more games in the future providing fun uses for the community to spend both XCH and Mojoverse Tokens.

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IMPORTANT - **Given the "gaming" nature of this project, we feel its important to begin with an important notice. XCHcentral has not audited the code behind Mojodice / does not take any responsibility for losses which may occur by playing Mojodice or any of their future projects. This post is not an endorsement or approval of their project and is meant for informational purposes only. Play at your own risk!**

Now on to the fun stuff!

Project Background

Mojodice was created a group of friends currently attending undergrad at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Mojocat did note that a portion of the team that helped develop the initial Mojodice game has decided to move on from the project, but Mojocat and other team members plan to continue to lead the charge on new development!

Recently we had the opportunity to catch up with Mojocat on Mojodice the Discord and ask the feline a few questions about the history and future plans for the Mojodice/Mojoverse project.

How did you get into Chia?

My friends actually started out by farming Chia, then we figured farming wasn't profitable/exciting enough, so we asked around and gathered ideas on what to develop. Back then there was not infrastructure for anything basically, so this dice game is pretty much the only thing we can allow users to interact easily.

The team then implemented the game over a long weekend and launched it out into the world. As of the time of writing, over 390,000 games of the original Mojodice game have been played using XCH!

How is the game played?

Overall, Mojodice is a relatively simple game! Send your XCH (or MJV, if playing the new variant) to the appropriate receive address, wait until the "game" is included in a Chia block... and if you win, your winnings will be sent directly to your wallet!

Mojodice is a  "Provably Fair" game, with both the "user" and the "house"  having an equal chance at winning a game. (Note: while the game is "Provably Fair" Mojodice does make a "spread" as a "win" only pays 1.96x rather than 2.0x of the bet amount.)

Once Mojodice receives the Chia you sent, the system would evaluate the outcome and generate a return transaction. If you win, you will receive the bet amount multiplied by the prize multiplier.

The way we evaluate the outcome is deterministic, by calculating hmac.HMAC(key=secret_plaintext, msg=header_hash + coin_name, digestmod=sha256) and casting its first two bytes into an unsigned integer. You can look up existing secret plaintext, their SHA256 hashes, and committed hashes of future secrets in the Provably Fair page. The coin name is determined by the transaction you sent.

More information on how the game is played an can be found at

Why did you decide to issue MJV?

After the game caught wild success, the Mojodice team felt the strain of the popularity. Mojocat noted that there were times where their wallet would run low on XCH due to users going on winning streaks. Conversely, some users would go on long unlucky streaks losing large amounts of hard earned XCH rewards and ultimately becoming disgruntled with what was meant to be a "fun" experience.

So this leads us to think that we can issue some token (like chips) that users can play with without any stress. That's why MJV was designed for initially, but then we had the idea that we can actually fund a whole team to develop fun games on the blockchain (GameFi?) with the token if we provide enough fun value to users.

What are your plans for MJV?

The current plans for the MJV token is, we are issuing 100 million tokens,
- 50% being the game treasury (to be used in the games)
- 25% for the team (possibly used for getting developers if MJV becomes successful and/or investors (?))
-25% airdropped to the public in many different games.

We have allocated 5% [of the 25%] for Mojodice airdrops, with around 2.5% already dropped to players who have lost to our game on or before Dec 31 2021.
We are making new games based on Chialisp (as that's how a game can be totally fair from user's perspective...) and allow players to earn with NFTs. But because we don't really have fully committed devs, the games don't have a fully set in stone release date.

It should be noted that while the team is currently sorting out its developer roster, Mojocat did state that they do plan to release a whitepaper some time in the future outlining a more concrete plan and release schedule.